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Accurate airport data is of high importance for any aircraft operator. AC-U-KWIK has built a reputation for gathering airport information regarding handlers, contacts, opening times, and more. We have created a seamless interface with their database so our users benefit from the quick and updated information from our flight management platform. Included in all packages.


With Aviapages Flight Time & Route Calculator, the flight time is precisely calculated and shown in Skylegs platform upon quote creation or when planning your flights.


The market leader in business aviation sales supporting tools is Avinode. Their broker marketplace is the biggest you can find online. We transfer our clients scheduled data (on request), so they can easily accept new opportunities. Our quotation features work together in close harmony.


Azzera is an innovative provider of Net-Zero transition solutions. The company was founded on the belief that investing in the protection of our environment should be simple. Azzera’s mission is to make managing and mitigating emissions through carbon markets and SAF an effortless experience.


Real-time information on flights is what our Flight Management Platform receives from Eurocontrol. Thanks to the B2B web services, we are able to receive all business aviation-related flight plans into our database and present it to our customers on maps, the timeline, and automated movement messages. Included in all packages.


With GoOllie, you get a fully integrable search box on your own website. Allow customers to search among your fleet of aircraft and empty legs and provide them with a smooth and quick booking experience. As part of the GoOllie network, you’ll also be able to receive requests from partners and participate in networking and collaboration for increased sales and optimized operations.
The setup, together with Skylegs, is straightforward and can be completed in 5-10 minutes.


An award-winning global leader in executive aviation, Jetex is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class trip support solutions to customers worldwide. Jetex provides exceptional private terminals (FBOs), aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning. Jetex integrates with Skylegs, facilitating the workflow of aircraft operators in the flight planning phase, as Jetex manages all flight services.

Jetex Skylegs partner

Mirai Flights

Mirai is a modern platform that connects business aviation operators with passengers seeking personalized travel experience. Mirai Flights is a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the aviation.


PnrGo is a world expert in PAX and CREW data compliance through automated transfer, reporting, and vetting. The company has developed solutions that set new standards for data exchange among air operators, border agencies, security agencies, and airports. Through this integration, Skylegs users can easily benefit from the cutting-edge functionalities that ensure compliance with national API and PNR regulations, international sanctions, various travel authorization programs and passenger vetting schemes (including TSA Secure Flight, EES and ETIAS, and UK UPT).

PnrGo and Skylegs

Skylegs integration Pulsar Informatics

Pulsar Informatics

Pulsar Informatics is a global leader in fatigue risk management technology, serving 100 companies and various governments around the world. Pulsar’s Fatigue Suite help safety management teams identify fatigue risk in operations so that they can make the necessary adjustments to reduce risk, improve safety, and optimize performance.


Streamlane is the leading pure player in the aviation industry, offering reliable, affordable, and secure solutions to comply with passenger regulations, worldwide. Fully integrated with Skylegs, our services provide a simple and automated way to transmit API and PNR data, perform necessary checks for euLISA EES ETIAS, receive required travel authorization, and screen passengers and crew against international sanction lists. Implemented in close collaboration with state authorities, our services are certified by an ever-growing number of states around the world—currently exceeding 50.

Other Integrations & Partners

Air Support PPS

Our aim is to develop tools for every action required encompassing a flight. Air Support PPS is directly involved with flight planning and hence, highly complementary to our platform. We receive information and flight packages for our Electronic Flight Bag and push scheduled flight data to aid the operations departments of our clients.


Skylegs integrates with CAMP Systems web-based application by automatically sending the aircraft tech log details and defect reports. The aircraft status, the maintenance statement and the predictive maintenance are updated thanks to the synchronised data between the two platforms.


Cockpit-IT GmbH developed smartOFP an advanced Electronic Flight Bag System (EFB), which does not follow the substitute-paper-through digitizing-paper approach. Instead, it integrates all of its many information sources into a very reduced, self-thinking tool.
New ideas enable the smartOFP to do things which in the past required dedicated hardware and software installed into the aircraft to be connected by EFBs. A smartOFP Integration into existing iPad-based EFB Systems is as easy as it can get, as it does not need any infrastructure on the airline-side. It brings all connections and back-ends with it.


DeliSky is a leading worldwide VIP inflight catering ordering platform. Their unique web and iOS based software solutions allow business jet operators to place and manage their catering orders in an efficient way with a perfect overview of the costs. Their team of experienced business aviation professionals supports the ordering and communication process to guarantee a high level of quality and reliability. A seamless interface between Skylegs and DeliSky assures maximum efficiency and quality for our operators.


The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is the voice for Business Aviation in Europe, located in Brussels. We are proud to be an associated member and partner. One of our projects is the development of a custom live business aviation movements screen and back-office (interfaced with Eurocontrol data). Other projects involve consultancy services for their web and aviation-related feasibility studies and business intelligence. EBAA members get a special discount on Skylegs Mach 1 (starter) package.


FlightBridge makes the trip management easy and efficient for aircraft operators. Skylegs sends mission and flight details to FlightBridge automatically. It brings the entire process and all arrangements together in one place, so operators can connect with the network and work better together.


Distribute your empty leg flights from Skylegs to FlyEasy and receive trip requests for free. Upgraded FlyEasy accounts can source aircraft and capture clients all in one platform. Add instant estimates & empty leg flights to your website to filter prospects and gain subscribers. Engage your clients with automated empty leg flight emails to boost sales and reduce noise.

FlyEasy logo
ForeFlight logo

ForeFlight Dispatch

ForeFlight Dispatch is a next-generation, collaborative, schedule-to-mobile flight planning solution for flight departments of all sizes. Keep your Skylegs scheduled flights in sync and automatically leverage the results of ForeFlight’s sophisticated performance and routing engines to calculate accurate flight times and fuel burn to optimize your schedule.


GetJet Marketplace is a unique search engine for cost-effective solutions for business aviation. One such tool is our search engine for real-time empty legs that are fed directly into the search engine from the software used by operators via an API. The customer searching for an empty leg simply enters the desired date and route and when a suitable matching empty leg appears, they are the first to know! This feature allows the broker/operator to focus on other important tasks and also makes the flow of selling empty legs more efficient and less time consuming.

GetJet logo 2
Google Data Studio & Skylegs

Google Data Studio

The organisation’s data contained in any of Skylegs modules is sent to Google Data Studio for business analytics purposes and used by your team. The data is transformed in custom graphics, reports and dashboards. This data can be shown in infinite ways, depending on what kind of information your organisation is looking for.

JSSI Traxxall

JSSI Maintenance Software offers innovative digital tools to enable better maintenance decisions and maximize aircraft availability. JSSI Traxxall provides comprehensive maintenance tracking with technical analyst support and accurate data for operations requiring sophisticated maintenance reporting; designed for all Part 91 and Part 135 operators, flight departments, and management companies of larger mixed fleets. Skylegs integrates with JSSI Traxxall and enables aircraft times to be automatically updated in the system.

JSSI Traxxall
L3HARRIS & Skylegs


L3Harris provides flight data analysis incorporating Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA). Flights completed in Skylegs are automatically sent to L3Harris platform. These flight details will match the FDM data in L3Harris, where they will  be merged.

Microsoft Power BI

The organisation’s data contained in any of Skylegs modules is sent to Microsoft Power BI for business analytics purposes and used by your team. The data is transformed in custom graphics, reports and dashboards. This data can be shown in infinite ways, depending on what kind of information your organisation is looking for.



Moove offers a flight distribution system with unique valuation technologies such as multimodal planning and gains calculator. This SaaS-marketplace brings to commercial operators and flight departments a sales portal along enhanced flight sharing management. Integrated with Skylegs, it is a powerful tool to increase your flight activity while dealing more efficiently with passenger requests.

MRX Systems

MRX Systems is a specialist in the field of computer science and aeronautical engineering. It offers complete solutions that can be applied to all participants from the aviation technology, such as for operators in maintenance, pilots, technicians and executives.


MyHandling is a business aviation planning software application for airports and FBOs. It frees station agents from time-consuming administrative tasks providing the best solution for handling requests management. Skylegs and MyHandling interface automates the requests, confirmations, and updates between aircraft operators and service providers. An add-on for an efficient flight management process on the platform.


MySky is a spend management platform for business aviation. It supports expense management, analytics, reporting and financial planning powered by true data.

NBAA member logo


Skylegs is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The association was founded in 1947 and is based in Washington, DC. It is the leading organisation for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more successful. The association represents more than 11,000 companies and professionals, and provides more than 100 products and services to the business aviation community.


osTicket is a customer support software that scales and streamlines the customer service and drastically improve the customer’s experience. It features dashboard reports, configurable help topic, service level agreements, ticket filters, customer support portals and much more.

osTicket & Skylegs

“, the premier system for real-time Sanctions Screening and PNR (Passenger Name Records) and APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) Management. Verify passengers, crew, companies, and assets and receive immediate feedback on whether the checked entity appears on any list, offering industry-leading coverage.
Efficiently manage PNR and eAPIS in full compliance, adhering to legal requirements and relevant regulations. PaxFiles offers comprehensive coverage across numerous countries.”


Portside is a US-based software company focused on developing cloud-based solutions for the business aviation market. It has deployed over 2,000 aircraft in 25+ countries from its offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Brazil. Portside supports a variety of mission profiles, including single aircraft owner-operators, large charterers and industrial fleets. The integrated platform connects with the most commonly used aviation and flight management software, which allows it to deliver a variety of cost-effective solutions tailored to the business needs. Included in all packages.

Portside logo


Regula Document Reader SDK allows fully automated reading of passengers and users travel documents, such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other documents. Skylegs users can quickly add passengers to the platform by scanning their documents, and crew members can do the same via the Crew app.


RocketRoute saw the need for an easy-to-use online flight planning platform. Their values and goals lean close to ours and we make use of practically the same technologies. Our clients benefit from a full toolbox, thanks to the interface between both platforms for EFB and scheduled data purposes.


The hassle of combining crew together for briefings is a thing of the past. Crew may now be trained to high proficiency thanks to Scandlearn’s online CBT training solution. Whenever a CBT is completed, the date and certificate are exported to our database resulting in less repetitive work by our operators training departments.


VOO is the digital B2B marketplace where charter brokers and operators can search, book and pay all their private jet charters on just one platform that delivers bookings. This ultra-efficient software, developed and powered by AVINOC, provides charter brokers and private jet operators with the opportunity to close charter contracts within seconds. Skylegs integrates with VOO by sending the aircraft schedule automatically, and receiving flight confirmations from VOO.

Web Manuals

Web Manuals sets the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by offering a streamlined solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency. In short, their clients save time and money in editing, publishing, and distributing their operational manuals. They are able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain full control of their documentation and communication systems.


Skylegs uses Zendesk Guide as the knowledge base tool for the users. All Skylegs customers have access to the knowledge base, where they can read manuals, search for answers and check tutorials. The rich content available allows users to make the most of the platform features.

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