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Cabin and Flight Crew app

Skylegs Cabin and Flight crew app is free for all organisation that use Skylegs platform. The crew can access all of their flights and duties, as well as other flights of the organisation. They view all flight details, for example: the passenger list, the contact details of service providers and flight permits information. Additionally, they can send custom messages to the back office at the click of a button. Add passengers and their passport details, check in passengers and notify cases of no-show.

Crew roster

Access your roster, with full details of activities that you are assigned. To demonstrate, the crew roster app shows: flights, crew positionings, hotel bookings, courses, meetings and other activities. Have a good overview of the days off, office duty days and vacation by using the monthly roster view. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Qualification records

The Cabin and Flight Crew app does not only show flights and roster details, but it also displays crew qualifications. Pilots and flight attendants can see their qualification records, such as licenses, ratings, exams and courses. This information is taken from Skylegs training module. In short, monitor the expiry dates of qualifications and see warnings if one of the records is missing.

Flexible app

If you have access to different organisations in Skylegs, you can easily switch from one to another from the app. Additionally, you can choose to display date and time in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or on the local timezone. The app also adjusts to the light mode of your phone: it is available on the light and dark modes. These are some of the features that make it the most powerful mobile app for aircraft operators.

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