Aircraft maintenance tracking

Be on top of all maintenance activities with Skylegs aircraft maintenance tracking software. Create aircraft inspections and programs, indicate the intervals, and the system will predict when they will happen. As a result, the maintenance activity will be visible on the schedule, so that the operations and sales teams become aware of them. The maintenance activities on the schedule automatically moves earlier or later, as the system constantly recalculates the prediction.

Aircraft defects

Allow pilots and other team members to easily log aircraft defects. This can be done right after entering the flight details in the digital aircraft flight log, or any time without linking it to a specific flight. Add deferred, non-deferred or service elements. For deferred items, track the MEL number and the category. Additionally, you may create corrective actions and assign them to users. And also from the maintenance module, monitor the status of troubles and the due date for the correction.

Inspections intervals

Configure multiple maintenance activities for one aircraft. They can have intervals based on the calendar, aircraft clock, number of cycles or landings. Log completed inspections and keep the full history of each aircraft. Besides that, in Skylegs you can generate Maintenance Statement reports. These reports are provided to the crew along with the Crew Briefing document before each flight.

Maintenance schedule

Your aircraft schedule will not only contain missions and regular flights, but also all maintenance activities required. The maintenance programs and defects reported affect the aircraft status, colour and warnings on the schedule page. Maintenance missions are highlighted and the aircraft is marked as unavailable during that period. And as a complete aircraft maintenance tracking software, in Skylegs you are able to schedule maintenance flights too. You can configure special requisite for these flights, such as the crew structure and functions, as well as the required pilot qualifications.

Digital aircraft flight log

Thanks to the online aircraft flight log, in Skylegs you can generate a number of flight reports with precious information for the maintenance department. Double check the aircraft clock, cycles and landings, as well as the engine totals. And receive warnings if the flight data needs correction, it case it does not match the previous or following flight details. Besides that, you have the option to use Skylegs and MRX Systems or CAMP integration and fully streamline the maintenance workflow.

Aircraft specifications

Control all aircraft performance details and specifications. You can also choose the preferred formats and units for each aircraft, for example: hours and minutes or hours in decimals, pounds or kilograms, gallons or litres, and others. In addition, you can set up the structure of the post-flight form in Skylegs (the digital aircraft flight log), so it will perfectly match the physical flight log.

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