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Organisation documents

With Skylegs Electronic Flight Bag app, the pilots have quick access to organisation documents. For instance, your company may share the operator manuals, bulletins, aircraft manuals and others. After downloading, the files remain accessible with no internet connection. Besides that, it is possible to sign documents and add annotations. The EFB app is available for iPads.

Flight documents on the EFB app

You can also access flight documents from the EFB app. Download the package from CrewBriefing or RocketRoute, and retrieve the Flight Briefing document from Skylegs platform. Similarly to the organisation documents, you can open the flight documents in-flight even while offline. This allows real paperless flying. In brief, you may sign, add annotations and upload new documents.

Mobile device management

Control and restrict the use of the Electronic Flight Bags with the Mobile Device Management (MDM). Skylegs provides this optional service, which brings numerous benefits. Mobile Device Management makes it possible for administrators to secure, control and enforce policies on portable devices. For example, you can prevent users from deleting apps, installing new ones, restoring the device, and accessing apps that are not related to the flight duties.

Platform access

Flight crew can access Skylegs platform straight from the Electronic Flight Bag app. It is not necessary to have a computer to use the online software. In other words, you can open the platform from any type of device. Work from a computer, tablet, phone or the dedicated EFB app. To demonstrate, you can view the schedule, fill out the post-flight form, write safety reports and do everything else that you can do from the laptop.

Electronic Flight Bag management

You may have as many EFB for pilots as necessary, and control all of them via Skylegs administration module. Check the device details, such as the aircraft that it is linked to, the pilot who is using it, the serial number and the iOS version of the iPad. Additionally, you can verify the battery level of all iPads from Skylegs.

Document control

From Skylegs platform, the EFB app administrators have full control over the organisation documents that are shared. They can restrict the access to these documents according to the aircraft variant or the user, for instance. And files can be configured to allow annotations or to require the pilots’ signature. From the platform they also see warnings if pilots have not downloaded or signed specific documents.

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