Aviation compliance platform

Allow external or your company auditor to go over flight data and crew qualification documents. This is a great tool to support aircraft operators internal audits, for instance. They can spot non-compliances in the operational level. For instance, documents that have not been opened or signed by the crew, and even expired crew qualifications. In addition to this, it is possible to verify ground course certificates, licenses and other scanned documents.


Open findings and assign them to a user or a group of users. In addition, we show an overview of all findings in the organisation, their status and due dates. Compliance managers or auditors accept or reject due date extension requests made by assignees. And we keep the full history of changes and conversation between auditors and auditees. And finally, every finding created automatically generates a non-compliance report.


In Skylegs aviation compliance platform, you are able to create and assign actions to a user or a group of users. They can quickly confirm the completion via a widget in their dashboard. As a result, you keep an eye at the actions that are still pending, and when they will be due. In short, you can effectively manage all actions created via other platform modules from a single place.


You can use more than ten different types of checklists in Skylegs. Manage all of them from a single page in the Compliance module. Compliance managers monitor the status and completion of checklists. Additionally, they check the user activity to find out who made the last changes and when. And note that checklists also serve as an aircraft operator internal audit tool. All checklists can also be downloaded in PDF.

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