Flight occurrence report software

Skylegs is not only an aircraft operations platform, but also an online flight safety software. Therefore, there is the possibility for pilots and other users to easily fill out an occurrence report via your core platform. Your team does not need to log into different systems. Most importantly, Skylegs occurrence reports are in accordance with ECCAIRS 2, and you can download them in E5X format. You are able to upload this file through the E2 portal or send it to other Civil Aviation Authorities. Alternatively, you may also export the reports in PDF.

Safety investigations

Certain safety events require an in-depth analysis of all contributing factors and barriers. In brief, this is what you do in a Skylegs investigation. As a complete flight Safety Management System platform, it allows you to recognise hazards, outcomes and perform risk assessments related to your main occurrence. After that, proceed with the root cause analysis, recommendations and conclusions. And if necessary, invite colleagues to collaborate with the investigation. At last, generate detailed investigation reports.

Occurrence report tool for pilots

When writing a safety report, you must focus on describing the event. Considering this, Skylegs reports are pre-filled with the aircraft and flight details. Consequently, users do not waste time on entering repetitive data. This makes it an efficient occurrence report tool for pilots and other employees. Furthermore, as soon as someone sends a report, the safety department receives a notification by email. After that, a thorough investigation can be conducted.

Proactive reports

Do not wait for an occurrence to happen. Besides the occurrence report, in Skylegs flight safety software you can write hazard reports to warn the organisation about potential hazards. And if you would like to preserve your identity, there is the option to report confidentially or anonymously. After receiving a report, the safety department can proceed with a detailed risk assessment.

Management of change

Be proactive and implement management of change (MoC) directly from Skylegs flight safety software. Fully analyse the scenario change, identify hazards, their consequences and all existing barriers. Hereafter you are ready to suggest actions to be taken, and monitor their completion. As a result, you will generate thorough management of change reports, that can be shared with several departments.

Risk assessment

Manage all risk assessments made during investigations from one single place. Or simply perform risk assessments proactively, before any report is filled. For the assessments you can use the ICAO risk matrix, the UK CAP 795 matrix or any other custom matrix. The platform allows you to identify tendencies, such as recurring hazards and the most effective barriers for your organisation. In addition, you may use a number of tools to group related risk assessments and export them in different file formats.

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